As an Eastern Rite Catholic Church, the Syro Malabar Community in Newcastle firmly believes in continuing to uphold the traditions and customs in which we have been brought up by our forefathers. We wish to share that with our next generation so that it bears fruit and nourishes them in the true spirit of those traditions.    


We celebrate our identity as Catholics through prayer, ritual and sacrament. Our unity is derived primarily from the Eucharist, which Catholics acknowledge as the source and summit of our Christian life.


We participate in the Mission of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle whilst keeping our Syro Malabar traditions as enshrined through the Decree on the Catholic Churches of the Eastern Rite i.e.: Orientalium Ecclesiarium (Second Vatican Council) . Our participation in this mission requires us to uphold, and have a sincere respect for, the teachings and tradition of the Catholic Church.


We respond to Christ’s teachings by taking part in family rituals, parish and diocesan celebrations, feasts, and by enabling full participation in the life of the Church regardless of gender, age and location.


We also respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit by bearing authentic witness as people of deep faith, through liturgical celebrations, teaching (catechism), preaching (retreat) and encouraging all families to engage in daily family prayer and regular ward prayer meetings within the small communities that we live in.   


We encourage the gift and talents of our community members and extend all our support for and formation of our youth so that we can develop future leaders for our growing community.




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